Word Clock

Word-Wall-ClockGet rid of your old boring wall clock to bring this LED word clock that displays words instead of numbers. Words are displayed in bright white light which is very clear and noticeable from far. You can hung the clock on the wall or put it on your office desk, it looks modern and stylish either way. Fun for the kids, as they find it hard to tell time but not anymore with this easy to read word clock. For example if the time were 09:50, the clock would read, “it is ten minutes to ten.” At 7:25, it would read, “it is twenty-five past seven.”



Check It Out

The word clock has a attractive design and is very lightweight to carry around and move from one place to another. Ideal for home or office, this stylish clock makes a great house warming gift for someone who has everything. Easy to set up, with only two buttons (“-” and “+”)