Have A Nice Day Mug

Have A Nice Day MugThe have a nice day mug is a sarcastic funny coffee mug which reads ‘Have a nice day’ on the front, while displaying middle finger on the bottom of the mug. It is well made and has a comfortable grip. At office, you would appear nice and sweet, until you take a sip from the mug to let your co-workers know how you really feel about them. It makes a great gift idea to your boss, colleagues, mother or your friend with a sense of humor, it will bring a loads of laughs as soon as you decide to drink out of it.



Check It Out

As they say ‘Actions speak louder than words’, just drink out of this coffee mug in front of people you do not like and wait for their reaction, surely they won’t bother you again. Add fun while having your favorite hot beverage, the Have a nice day mug helps you get rid of someone without saying anything.

Have a nice day mug with middle finger on bottom