Cabana Inflatable Raft

Cabana-Inflatable-RaftCan’t afford a yacht, no worries. Kickoff your summer smartly with the cabana inflatable raft. Feel like a millionaire and make sure you have heaps of fun with your friends relaxing under the sun. This inflatable island can carry 6 people comfortably and the shades above the raft are removable, so you can take it off and get a tan. If you want a floating, relaxing adventure without getting baked in the sun, this is just about the perfect choice for you. This raft is lightweight and easy to assemble, a must have for your lake trip.



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Get ready to have a experience of life-time with this one of a kind sportsstuff cabana inflatable raft. It is durable and will last for years to come. It contains a cooler (with cup holders), which is large enough to hold many beverages, anchor system and a boarding platform.

It has a hole in the middle for dipping in and out, which is an awesome addition. This can be used on a pool, lake, or river, it Feels very sturdy and when you step on it and you won’t get a feeling of tipping over.

Cabana Inflatable Islander