Baby Crib Dribbler

Baby Crib DribblerCan’t find a gift for your friend at a baby shower party? Make your friends speechless by gifting the prank baby crib dribbler. This is one of the hilarious gag gifts we have ever seen. It will stand out from the lot of gifts not only because it is mischievous but some parents think it is real. The jaws drop when the wrapping comes out, the reactions are hysterical. Baby crib dribbler will be a big hit of any baby shower, the expressions on the faces are priceless – but when they open the box, anyone with a sense of humour will burst into laughter. This prank gift box makes the perfect “wrap box” for whatever gift you plan on really giving. This is an empty box, so it would be rude not to gift something. It can fit smaller toys, diapers and much more inside this box with no issues.

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